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Can you become someone's sun?
3rd-Aug-2030 02:11 am - 80% Friends only

This journal is 80% Friends only

You know the drill, comment in this post if you want to be added. No intro, no add (unless we know each other already). Please note that I have the liberty to decide whether I want to add you or not. Don't worry, I'm pretty friendly, especially if you share the same fandoms as me. EDIT: I have fallen out of the Nitro+CHiRAL fandom, so don't add me if that's the only thing you're adding me for or you'll be in for a big disapointment ;w;

追加したかったら、ここでコメントを置いて下さい。コメントを置かなかったらアッドしません。アッドしたり、アッドしなかったり、決める事は私の権利だ。(心配しないで、結構友好的です。(笑) 特に同じ好物があったら。)

The only thing required is that:
1. You can speak English (Japanese or Malay (and Indonesian I suppose, since they're similiar and easy enough to figure out) are fine too. I'm sorry, my Mandarin sucks although I'm Chinese and took lessons before).
2. You do not flame, and are polite.
3. Whatever I type in here, stays in here, unless you have permission to share something.
4. You are 15+ years old. (I do not want to be responsible for corrupting the minds of young children ;w;)
5. Before adding me, please read my profile page so that you'll know what to expect.

1. 日本語とか英語かマレー語とかインドネシア語が知っていれば、何とか相談出来ると思ったら大丈夫です。
2. 失礼なコメントなどは絶対に行けません。
3. ブログ内容は外に転載しないで下さい。
4. 15歳未満禁止です。
5. どんな中身かを知る為に、アッドする前にプロファイルページを読んで下さい。(笑)
6. 頭を使えば大丈夫です。

Hint: Bribe me with lots of cookies or pretty manly men.
ヒント: 沢山クッキとかイケメンで賄賂して。

P.S. I suggest you stay

away from that "Crack"

tag if you value your


As of the 10th September 2009, most downloads from that point onwards are f-list only.
Master translation/summary list of doom


Thought it'd be neater to keep everything I've translated/summarised in a nice list.

  • Johnny's

    • 少年隊

    • V6

  • Hetalia

  • Nitro+CHiRAL

    • sweet pool

    • Lamento ~Beyond the Void~

    • 咎狗の血

    • 偽りのアルカネット

  • 逆転裁判/Ace Attorney series

  • Other Drama CDs


Let me just stress again that no reposting of any of these materials anywhere without my permission is allowed. You're more than welcome to link here though =)

Always more to come! I translate based on mood.
Currently in the mood for: Minekura Kazuya stuff

少年隊Collapse )

V6Collapse )

HetaliaCollapse )

General Nitro+CHiRALCollapse )

sweet poolCollapse )

Lamento ~Beyond the Void~Collapse )

咎狗の血Collapse )

偽りのアルカネットCollapse )

逆転裁判/Ace Attorney seriesCollapse )

Other Drama CDsCollapse )
16th-Nov-2012 01:29 am - Hello
Cas wings
Wow, I haven't posted to here in ages, and my layout is now a mess :/

I've been going through a very tough time lately, I can't say much but it's just bad in general.
How's everyone been?

This is what I’m cosplaying as for Comic Fiesta this year! C:

It’s my first cosplay so I’m very nervous

Also dying this whole week so much stuff to do sobs

P.S. Late is late but thanks everyone who sent me virtual gifts! *A*
21st-Oct-2011 04:45 pm - Moving art blog to Tumblr
I made a new art blog on Tumblr, since uploading there will be much more convenient =) I hope to see you all there =)


6th-Sep-2011 05:31 pm - Meet Lavi and Castiel
Feenie <3 Edgey
I don't think I've mentioned here before, but meet my relatively new bunny and golden retriever pup:


And Castiel!

I love them both so so much ;w;
2nd-Sep-2011 06:18 pm - I am still alive sobs
Just a quick post to say that I am still alive and that I'm sorry I haven't been updating and will only update as soon as I have moved and properly settled down in Singapore (which is the end this month, or maybe the beginning of next month). Graduation ceremony is also around the corner! :D That is all and love you guys!

Find me on Tumblr and Twitter until then!
I plan to make and sell TIGER & BUNNY cookies (as well as badges, postcards etc) at Comic Fiesta this year (and maybe Singapore's AFA, idk, not too sure how it works there, I'll look into it later but if anyone around is familiar with it, please let me know ;w;).

Kotetsu and Barnaby are givens, and I love ALL the superheroes, but I need to know roughly how popular the side characters are. If there are any TIGER & BUNNY fans around here, do let me know which are your favourite characters :D I will try to cater to the market when I can (or just make cookies of those characters to post here, or just keep those in mind for the future).

I might also make Professor Layton cookies (Layton and Luke are givens, thinking about Legal/Clive lol), so let me know your opinions as well, thanks!

Note to self: Get self some TnB icons
14th-Jun-2011 01:15 am - Kotetsu

Those who have been following my Twitter or Tumblr should know how crazy I am about TIGER&BUNNY lately, especially for Kotetsu <3

A quickie for my Twitter and Tumblr icon

EDIT: Oops this was meant for my art blog honeyappletree orz Ah well, will move this there later
I... have been doing some web ganking again *terrible person*

OVA「最遊記外伝」第弐巻 プロモーション映像(90秒Ver) mp4 format
Mediafire | 10.55MB

As originally seen on the official site here.

I also uploaded to Tumblr here

(Btw, I didn't think that they'd put THOSE parts in so quickly. We're all going to cry a million Niagara Falls together on June 24 ;_____;)
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