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Summary: sweet pool drama CD ~駒波学園 学園祭~

I bring track summaries for the new drama CD 駒波学園 学園祭!!

★TETSUOxYOUJI FOR THE WIN! (okay, that's not a warning, but anyway XD)

Scene 01
The scene starts with Youji being the receptionist for their classes stall, "Apollo TK"'s fortune-telling (TK standing for a certain silverhaired teacher's name 8D). Two girls decide to try it out for fun since their friends told them that his predictions were very accurate. They enter the stand. Then came the announcement of the drama CD's title ^^

We then move on to Kamiya's predictions themselves XD He tells the girls that he can see her future!!! They find it scary, but Kamiya reassures that there's nothing bad in her future, rather, it's a wonderful future (YES, HE SAID IT'S 素晴らしい!!)! The girl doesn't believe him, but Kamiya insists that those who believe will be rewarded. He then reads her palm, and tells her that she has a feelings for someone, which is true. He then tells her that he's a senior of one year to her, which is also true (TL Note: I'm pretty sure Kamiya knows all this because he strikes me as a bigger gossiper than Makoto XDD). He then urges her to confess to him TODAY, because today is a HAPPY DAY which comes only once a few hundred years. It's the day everyone shall be happy today, so she SHOULD confess immediately!! Where she meekly agrees XD

Back to Youji, it's pretty time for his shift to end. Makoto arrives and asks how they're doing, and Youji tells Makoto that Kamiya's fortune-telling is doing extremely well, much to Makoto's surprise. According to everyone, Kamiya's predictions are surprisingly accurate XD Youji then asks Makoto whether he's seen Tetsuo, much to Makoto's disgust XD Makoto asks Youji whether he has something on with Tetsuo, which Youji doesn't deny. Makoto tells Youji that if it's Tetsuo, that he should be around doing committee duties, since he's in the festival's committee. This information came as a surprise to Youji, as it did to Makoto the first time he found out about it. Apparently, a lot of girls dragged Tetsuo into it XD Makoto suggests that Youji should look for Tetsuo while looking around the school festival, since Youji hasn't actually looked around yet. Makoto will show him around. Makoto hasn't actually really finished looking at all the stalls yet, only select few, but as Youji guessed, the stalls he's been to were all the food and drinks stalls XD

Scene 02
Makoto binges as usual, to Youji's amazement. Makoto lists the ton of food which he's eaten, and Youji was saying that their class should've just done food and drinks too, where Makoto tuts at him saying that Youji's looking down on how much work is needed to prepare food and drinks, which Youji agrees. Makoto shows Youji the many vouchers he's received from the other years and clubs, where he can eat a lot for free. It'll be a waste not to eat them! 8D Makoto asks Youji to choose something to eat too for once, and Youji chose senbei XD (ricecrackers). Makoto complains that while it's delicious, it's not very filling. However, since Youji wanted to eat something finally, they went to eat it.

Makoto ate a lot, and they talk about how everyone worked hard to make the food. Makoto shows another voucher to Youji, and asks Youji to guess which stall it is. Youji guessed crepe, but it was an OBAKEYASHIKI (GHOST HOUSE) STALL!!!!!!! It was produced by the nextdoor class, and it's pretty scary. They both agree to visit it together. Makoto tells Youji that if it gets too scary, he can cling onto him XD

In the obakeyashiki, Makoto ended up being the one too scared. They wondered how much time and money the B group must've spent on this, but the group is known to be pretty serious. Youji was completely calm throughout, while Makoto freaks out at everything XD He runs while Youji tells him to calm down a bit XDDD

Outside, Youji laughs at Makoto, concluding that Makoto's the type to get scared pretty easily. Makoto claims that he was just pretending to be scared just to get into the mood, but Youji says that Makoto's palms were sweaty the whole while. Which is when Makoto realised that he's been holding Youji's hand since they entered the obakeyashiki!!! Makoto lets go of his hand, but remarks on how cold Youji's hand was, thinking it must've been Makoto's sweat's fault though. Youji states that his body temperature is generally low, an average of 35degrees (LOW!!), so he's weaker to the cold. Makoto then wonders whether other parts of Youji was cold too, like his forehead for example. He asks Youji whether he could feel his forehead, and Youji allows him to easily (TL Note: AWWWW MAKO-CHAN!) But before Makoto could feel his forehead, he was interrupted by Youji receiving a message from his sister. Erika (Youji's sister) was coming later, and Makoto asks whether she looks like him. Youji doesn't think so, and Makoto asks about her hair length, where Youji says it's short, but slightly longer than his. Back on the subject on Youji's forehead, Makoto wants to feel it still, but they get interrupted by Kamiya-sensei, who was looking for Makoto. Makoto calls him "Kamiya", where Kamiya-sensei hits him and says it's "KAMIYA-SENSEI"! Makoto calls him a "VIOLENT TEACHER". When Kamiya tells Youji that he must have it hard with such a person like Makoto around all the time, Makoto retorts asking whether that's how he treats adorable students XD Kamiya brushes him off saying he's noisy, and remarks again on how hard it must be on Youji, since he's so noisy, eats too much, and he wears a shirt inside his uniform XD Makoto objects on the shirt bit XD Youji defends Makoto saying that he's always fun to be around. Youji then asks Kamiya-sensei why he was looking for Makoto, and it turned out to be Makoto's turn to be the receptionist next. Makoto leaves but not before reminding Youji that he's taking part in the food eating competition, and hopes that Youji will come and watch. They remark on how he's always so cheerful, and how it may be his good point too. Upon telling Kamiya-sensei that Youji was looking for Tetsuo, Kamiya-sensei suggests that he look for him at the festival committee's preparation room. Kamiya-sensei was surprised as well the first time he heard that Tetsuo was a committee member, but Tetsuo never did miss the school's event before.

Scene 03
At the room, Youji enters to find no one, or so he thought. Zenya glomps him saying, "LOST CUTIE DETECTED!!". Zenya asked why he was lost here, which Youji denies that he's lost. Zenya then touches Youji in... places :/D Youji blurts out that he's looking for Tetsuo, that he heard that he may be here since he was a committee member. Zenya remarks that come to think of it, "Tetchan's a committee member too", where Youji realised that Zenya mentioned "TOO", meaning that Zenya's a committee member as well. There wasn't enough members and Zenya somehow ended up in that situation, but he was told that he didn't have to do anything so he's the "laid-back committee member" XDD Zenya tells Youji that he's seen Tetsuo, at the cosplay tea house! 8D Turns out the girls really wanted him involved there, where Youji's jealousy showed a bit when he muttered, "girls again" 8D!! Zenya said that they should go find him together, and held Youji's hand and dragged him off XD

At the cosplay tea house, Tetsuo was a big hit with the girls, being the perfect butler/waiter. He even smiled, which as Zenya remarks, it's like he saw something really rare. Youji said that "he doesn't like it", which he tried to cover up to Zenya, saying that Tetsuo is not like himeself, and he doesn't like that (but we all know the real reason why he doesn't like it ^_~). Youji talks about Tetsuo's part-time job (bartender), and Zenya awes at Tetsuo. Because Tetsuo seems very busy, Youji decided not to call him, and they leave.

Kitani enters the cosplay tea house looking for Zenya. He sees a commotion of girls, and Kitani was worried that Zenya has been involved in something again. The girls mistake him for a yakuza cosplayer, and order from him. Kitani goes into full keigo+butler mode, and enjoys the attention anyway XD Tetsuo sees Kitani and asks what he's doing there. But another customer calls fo Kitani (Kitani thought that Tetsuo was the one being called, but the customer specified Kitani XD). Kitani ends up helping out at the cosplay tea house in full butler mode XD

Youji is down, and Zenya can totally sense it. Youji tries to hide it, but Zenya could exactly tell that Youji didn't like Tetsuo showing his smile to the girls. Youji gets angry, but Zenya just says that he hit the bullseye, or Youji wouldn't get so angry. Zenya remarks that it's the first time he's seen Youji so angry. Youji denies that he's angry, but he's just surprised with Tetsuo's behavior with the girls, and admitted that he felt a bit down about it. Zenya says that he thought he knew it all along, since Youji's face is so easy to read. Youji says that he really can't hide anything then, huh, and then says that Zenya is surprisingly sharp. Zenya tells that he's always been watching Youji, because he only has eyes for Youji. He hugs him, telling Youji that if he was Tetsuo, he would never make Youji feel that way, and only wants to make him smile. The moment got spoilt though when Kamiya called for Youji through the PA system OTL (TL Note: I TOTALLY SAW ZENYA IN A NEW LIGHT AFTER THIS SCENE! AWWWWWW! If I'm not careful, I'll end up shipping ZenyaxYouji OTL Zenya's voice was so erotic and the scene was so so cute at the same time!) They both leave together.

Scene 04
It turns out that the food eating competition was taking place. Somehow, Youji's name was "mysteriously" in the participants' list, so Youji had to take part in the contest too.

The announcer introduced last year's winner, Mita Makoto! Makoto tells Youji that he's surprised that Youji's taking part this time, where Youji expressed his surprise as well. Makoto tells Youji not to push himself, and that if he can't finish anything, Makoto will finish it for him. This year's dish was CURRY, as opposed to last year's ramen. Makoto expressed his intent to win. However, the curry was SUPER SPICY CURRY, must to everyone's pain, except Youji 8D who ate it relaxingly with a cool "Itadakimasu" XD Zenya confronts Kamiya, and it is concluded from this that Kamiya-sensei was the one who suggested the super spicy curry because Makoto won too easily last year, and it was also Kamiya-sensei's doing that Youji became a participant (as he knew from Lost Days that Youji loves spicy food). Of course, Kamiya-sensei denies all this, the sadist XD

Everyone including Makoto exclaims on the spiciness of the curry, except Youji, to the whole hall's surprise. Youji said that it's not as hot as the food his sister usually cooked for him (TL Note: Just what have you been feeding your younger brother, Sakiyama Erika? XD) Makoto finally gives up, and since Youji was the only one left still continuously eating, Youji was the winner of the food eating contest!!
They interviewed him, where Youji says that he doesn't find the dish spicy at all XD Makoto is totally okay with it, and congratulates and shakes hands with Youji, but Makoto will not lose next year!! Youji does not intend to take part anyway XD Then appeared Youji's sister, Erika. She's been watching since the competition started, and found Youji when his "tall, mature classmate" helped guide her around when she went to look for Youji in his classroom (guess who that classmate would be? ^^). Makoto finally gets to meet the must-talked about sister, calling her the "super spicy sister" (of course, he meant the flavour XD). Makoto said that they both are alike, where they both respond, "really?" at the same time. Erika couldn't bring her son Yuuji, who's with her husband, Yuuya right now.
Makoto then told Erika that the curry they ate was so spicy, but Youji didn't feel anything. Youji said that the curry wasn't hot at all, and it was black. Youji found it black because Erika would use so much roux that the curry would become red as ketchup (it's not curry if it's not like that, or so she says XD). Erika invites Makoto to have her curry sometime at her house XDDD Good luck, Makoto!

Kamiya-sensei and Kitani are joined by Kitani, who finally escaped the tea house. Kitani introduces himself as Zenya's guardian, and called Zenya by his first name rather than "Bocchan" to Kamiya-sensei XD Zenya wasn't very happy about that XD Kamiya then remarks that he saw Kitani at the cosplay tea house, where Zenya gets jealous because "Kitani was having fun all on his own there, and Zenya wants to do whatever Kitani did too". Kamiya-sensei invited them to go there again, much to Zenya's delight. Zenya always wanted to wear a sailor's uniform or negligee, and talks about the mini-skirts and panty-shots XD, much to Kitani's embarassment. Kamiya laughs at Zenya, where Zenya tells "Kamiya" to shut up, with a scathing response from Kamiya-sensei "Call me Kamiya-sensei!"
. They skip off together, Zenya singing all sorts of costumes (nurse etc), to Kitani's embarassment again XD

Scene 05
It's almost the end of the festival, and Erika has to leave. Erika asks Youji to thank Makoto, as he was a very cheerful and sweet boy, and he treated them to a lot of food (with the vouchers XD). She also tells Youji to thank "the tall friend" of Youji's. Based on Youji's reaction when she mentioned him, she urges him to meet up with Tetsuo soon too. Youji just can't hide anything from his sister ^^ Now the school has to clean up, then have the last fun, the campfire. You can somehow feel Youji's loneliness when they were cleaning up.

Scene 06
Youji escapes the campfire to his retreat, the rooftop. Tetsuo finally appears, saying that he knew he'd find him there. He thought that Youji would want to be alone after the clean-up, so he came to find him there. The intensity between these two is just... wow. Tetsuo has been looking for Youji, and Tetsuo remarks on how amazing the campfire is. Youji agrees on how pretty it is. Youji finds that he can calm down at the rooftop, as well as Tetsuo. The sunset is beautiful up there, and Tetsuo finds it beautiful when they look at it together (IT APPEARS! TETSUO'S LOVELY CHEESY LINES!!). Youji asks whether Tetsuo liked being in the committee and the cosplay tea house shopkeeper, but Tetsuo was indifferent towards it. He found it a bit troublesome really. Youji remarked that Tetsuo was a like a different person at the tea house, where Tetsuo explained that it was his part time job's fault. Youji said that Tetsuo was really popular with the girls... It then got cold for Youji, so Tetsuo gave him his coat to wear (TL Note: AWWW YOU GENTLEMAN). Turns out Youji was looking for Tetsuo the whole day because he wanted to wish Tetsuo a Happy Birthday. It would have no meaning if he didn't tell him today, so he was glad that he managed to tell him today. Tetsuo said that once again, he managed to get closer to Youji. Youji thanked Tetsuo for guiding Erika, and Tetsuo could tell that she was Youji's sister immediately. Youji then remembered the prize from the food competition, and it was a set of pair tickets to an onsen trip. Youji wondered what he should do with it, but Tetsuo suggested that they go together. Youji was shy about it, but agreed to go. Tetsuo kissed Youji against the chain fence (it was beautiful). They return to the campfire together.

P.S. Sorry for the lack of vocabulary, its 3am here :9

I died and came back from heaven from this drama CD ;w; For those who missed it at Comiket, you can buy it from the 25th of September onwards.
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