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Can you become someone's sun?

25 April 1989
A little about this crazy person
Crack beware -
Fandom and hobbies make me happy. Some say that having hobbies are good, but having too many hobbies can't be too good. Well, I say there's never too much of a good thing! 8D

I'm currently trying my best in learning Japanese (self-study) as well as Commerce (graduated!), and now studying to become an Animator (possibly Pixar-ish). I scanlate and translate things to improve and learn new words once in a while.
You can also find me at:

♔Take me to Wonderland♔ (Tumblr)
[honey+apple+tree] (art blog)

♥The Sheep Blog! I did the layout and am in charge of editing pics/media. Do check it out!

♥cappuccino (dead Japanese art blog)

Things you should know before friending
No seriously D:
Things you should be warned of before friending me:

1. I fangirl a lot.
2. I make translation/summary/share posts, but be sure to read my disclaimer first.
3. This journal is prone to angsty or cracked posts. Or both.
4. Image/Word heavy posts will generally be under cuts, but be sure that your Internet connection is fast enough for those posts before reading them.
5. You don't have to comment all the time, but it'd be nice if we talk sometimes, and sensibly please. We're called "friends" for a reason. C:
6. Go to my Friending Post and comment there (tell me if you added me) if you haven't done so already.
7. I do friend cuts without warnings, but I usually only cut if we never talked ever since we added each other. You can cut me whenever too, no hard feelings =(

Currently into♥♥♥

♥峰倉かずや (Minekura Kazuya, my 9 year old fandom)
♥Professor Layton
♥Ace Attorney
♥The Legend of Zelda
♥V6 and TOKIO
♥Will talk about anyting else mentioned in my interest list anytime

The space of love♥♥♥

hikaru89 says:
can i describe u as coke?? because u make me feel giddy n fizzy
>< i can list a bunch, anna darling is like a chocolate, a fizzy coke that makes u a happy person (this apply to me :3, chocs makes me a happy person XD)

Me: So I was saying to the sentai team that I have the "Touch of Crack"
Sis: A touch?

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